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  1. lifeboy

    Your hobby !(No Computer Games and Tv Shows )

    Hi Every one! i am just share my hobby .my hobby is gardening and here some pictures :) :)
  2. lifeboy

    Happy birthday ThanoSss :)

    Happy birthday @Thanos :) Best wishes
  3. lifeboy

    CoD4 aim+ wh

    hans Cracked 188.143.*.* aim+Name changer server 3#
  4. lifeboy

    CoD4 wh

    Demos To short sorry Name : snickers eis Ip : Report log wh laptop was off in 1 demo 2nd one he left
  5. lifeboy

    CoD4 aim+ wh

    Zant Cracked 92.249.*.* Server #3 Name Changer +aimbot @Zant Not U xD
  6. lifeboy

    CoD4 wh

    #13 109.60.*.* wh + glitching
  7. lifeboy

    lifeboy application

    Real name :Mayuran (local Don:cool:) Ingame name :lifeboy Age :18 Country :Sri lanka Why do you want to join ? : Because My Exams over now i want to go job that's why :p . i love JFF server and community , i like to help JFF community and make all JFF servers bast server for ever.:)...
  8. lifeboy

    Happy friendship day :)

    I always thought loving someone is the greatest feeling, but I realized that loving a friend is even better. We lose people we love, but v never lose true friends. Happy friendship day guys !! ☺ @Trobon, @Sammy @Unlucky @nikolic, @ElementX , @GammaDeltaII , @land1987, @Bauer...
  9. lifeboy

    CoD4 wh +non english I PrO I xDunajT Cracked 37.152.*.* Wh +non english This Demo 2 day's Old sorry :((Busy)
  10. lifeboy

    Help Me Plz :)

    Hi guys,:) I Have A problem Plz Help me. I am kicking by punkbuster in Promod server (32players) it show lifeboy kick (5minutes) How to solve ? I hate PB:mad:
  11. lifeboy

    CoD4 WH??

    Eng.Asawaf Cracked 37.238.*.* Server 3 Wh in this demo i am not lagg
  12. lifeboy

    CoD4 WH??

    Codkiller434 Cracked 37.238.*.* Server 3 WH
  13. lifeboy

    CoD4 wh Hat Cracked 5.0.*.* Server 3
  14. lifeboy

    No One Like Me :(

    Title so cool :D Hi All ,It's Time To Take Interval. last Month i was very busy No free time =NO play .This august I will have big exam .i want pass the exam that why i can't play CoD 4:( now i got a study Holiday Now i am going to study it's to Hard Me :D And i am 4 time i fail the want join...
  15. lifeboy

    CoD4 WH

    Do Not. Cracked 93.106.*.* WH
  16. lifeboy

    One Year Calibration :)

    Hi All, My name is Mayuran (In game:- lifeboy) i am from Sri Lanka.I am 18 in year old. 2014 December I was Start Playing CoD 4 Online in =[JFF]= server ,early i was only Playing CoD 4 local play in my school friends (5 Years) My favorite Game is All Call of Duty Games. My Favorite sports is...
  17. lifeboy

    CoD4 wh

    )=EL COBA=( Cracked 189.242.*.* WH (Not Sure)
  18. lifeboy

    Promod Server

    Hi ,In promod Server Glitch Allowed ? Some Players Say Yes, Old Players Say No Allowed Or Not:) Thank You
  19. lifeboy

    CoD4 wh ??

    Haggart Cracked 85.100.*.* WH
  20. lifeboy

    CoD4 wh

    Brain Cracked 109.169.*.* WH