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Forum Rules

  1. Forum Rules

    1. English Only

      This is an international community, therefore English is the only allowed language on the site. Any thread, reply, comment written in another language can be removed without notification by administrators and result in a warning.
      Any abuse might end up in a permanent ban.

    2. No Spamming and Advertising

      We do not allow advertisements of any type, such as links to other sites or servers with promotion purposes, and any kind of spam. As “spam” we define the continuous recurrence of short sentences or words in one or multiple posts.
      Please try to keep the forum as clean as possible, by posting only when necessary, the quantity doesn’t matter, while the quality does.
      Any kind of advertising or spamming can result in a warning or directly in a ban, following administrator’s discretion.

    3. No Insulting

      Bad behavior and excessive language are not tolerated. Whenever you feel stressed or angry with someone, just take a break and avoid posting on forum by “flaming” or “raging”, this will make the forum a nicer place. Remember that discussing is always permitted, in a peaceful way.
      Provoking and irritating behavior such as “trolling” is not tolerated as well, any abuse towards other players or members will result in a warn, a temporary ban or a permanent ban depending on the situation.

    4. No offensive material of any type

      Any kind of material, such as words, symbols, pictures, names, links hateful towards any religion, race, or nation is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. Opening political or religious debates is strongly discouraged, since it can easily lead to offensive behaviors.

    5. No Copyrighted Material

      Do not post any kind of discussion or link about pirated software, hacking, or any illegal material. Any thread or post about these topics will be deleted and the user will be warned.

    6. No Complaining

      If you get banned or warned, your post or your thread get deleted by the administrators, complaining will not solve your situation. Try to be nice and post your unban request in the “Banned” section, by following the form, or peacefully discuss your problem with any member, that will hopefully help you solve it. Remember that we never ban without reason, but we can make mistakes. Complaining will only worsen your situation.

    7. Always Use Common Sense

      The first rule you should always apply in first place is common sense: always try to write helpful posts and be nice to every user, avoid grammatical errors, excessive abbreviations, and turn caps lock off, capital letters are often associated with screaming and can be very annoying to read. Also try not to “bring back to life” old threads without any logical reason, open a new thread instead if you consider it necessary. As any other rule, ignoring one or more of these points will usually result in a warning, but it could end up in a kick or even a temporary/permanent ban. If you have any doubt about anything, use your head, or kindly ask questions to any community member, we will always try our best to help you.