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Zombie\Drunk move


Hippie Hippo
Hey guys, can someone tell me how Ninja doing this move ? He's moving like drunk or like zombie, it's so damn funnie when he doing this. Once, i was rushing enemie base, and Ninja came from corner moving this way and i catch flashback from "Walking dead" and my instincts, obtained from TV zombie shows, screams to me "It's a ZOMBIE, shoot in head, shoot in head!" Then i laughed about half hour and wasnt able to stop ))


Instructions say:
equip with claymores
get uav recon
plant first claymore
plant second claymore
right at the moment after you stick second clay to the ground call uav recon
walk forward
have fun

Expect a lot of drunk soldiers on servers xD
Lol that like running with pistol and looking only in the air thats my funny trick it looks like you would leave a Psycho Hospital amoment ago xD


Hippie Hippo
Sry for multiposting but im find one more thing, when u do everything like instructions says, but u call heli instead UAV then u can drop C4 (it useless u cant explode it, but one more bug borned first instruction)