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Your favourite/funny memes


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A morgue, judging by the hight of that street light and the comments left bellow the post.
"He lost his balance and fell through the window two floors down on the street. When the police arrived, they found the man lying on the tarmac, bloodied and unconscious. Ambulance brought the 37-year-old into the trauma room of the university hospital; here doctors diagnosed a traumatic brain injury with acute mortal danger and several fractures. An immediate operation saved the life of the Oppenheimer."

- source: allgemeine-zeitung.de.


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"A 35-year-old man has been found dead in unnatural circumstances in a posh south Kolkata apartment in the wee hours of Monday. The victim has been identified as Harkishore Rai, a resident of Simultala in Jharkhand. After initial probe police said that Rai fell from the fourth floor of the building and died."

Windows Wide open just waiting for someone to fall through it. Hmmmmmmmmmm