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Wow, ****


The Great
I (almost) or better yet missed my anniversary, on 30th of August mine 4th year of being in JFF passed. In my defense it was my last day of work and the more experienced of you should know what it means and in which parallel universe I was. So, what to say, I was epic, as I know Thunder feels, I get sometimes tired of it but like a drug I have to come back so it is easier to just stay the whole time and make your life miserable.

Cheers and I hope for at least few more successful years.


Game Admin
OMG @Smokva , forget the detective rank, u are transfered to be an intelligence officer. And ur first assignment is to make sure that this Anubis > ty dextor :D ; how r u guyz :p ???; ty u all for support good luck to u 2 and sry thundy for spaming :p is the same Anubis as this one :

Ahahahahahha and some more aahahahha, i love u @Anubis , kiss @Smokva