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Worst song ever! ^^

Discussion in 'Music & Video' started by Hanphagard, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

    You guys know some pretty shitty song but are you aware of the real stuff? 5 mins of the same 3 words in the lyrics beat it
  2. Hanphagard

    Hanphagard Uncle han ;) Member

    i regret clicking on this
  3. Hanphagard

    Hanphagard Uncle han ;) Member

  4. WarDog21

    WarDog21 woofwoof

    looked for covers... didnt found the one i had in mind... but got a hot ***** and one good metal cover
    Last edited: May 17, 2015
  5. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

    @Hanphagard I actually like how he says madafaka :D

    //Edit: I love how everyone who want's to make a new song he has a lot of curses and things like that in his/her song.... and stupid people love it (no offense) I mean what's so awesome about a song which has no meaning all the song is **** me, i have big butt ...

    The world is going sexual a lot (I know I talk dirty :p so don't say a hypocrite) but thats just wrong :)
  6. WarDog21

    WarDog21 woofwoof

    rock/metal solves so many problems :D
  7. Hanphagard

    Hanphagard Uncle han ;) Member

    ye kind of,
  8. Hanphagard

    Hanphagard Uncle han ;) Member

    this is from the old thread
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  9. Psycho

    Psycho Troll master trolled by Admins

    I can listen to some cajka songs but ... Da fuk is this shiet :eek:
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  10. Hanphagard

    Hanphagard Uncle han ;) Member

    Holy Crap, skip a little like a minute
  11. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

  12. Hanphagard

    Hanphagard Uncle han ;) Member

    a song xD this guy was under LSD
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  13. WarDog21

    WarDog21 woofwoof

    disturbing and motivating... still bad :D
  14. Zaid

    Zaid Kickrighted Kickrighted

    He is looking for new models for his next video
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  15. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    Is this a recruitment video Zaid? Do u think some of us should apply? :p
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  16. Voodoo

    Voodoo Kickrighted Kickrighted

  17. el-cuxillito

    el-cuxillito Naderman Kickrighted

    I know there are kids here but... I got one more to add
  18. Trobon

    Trobon Game Admin Game Admin

    Ahhhhh get out that out of my mind, PLEASE! omg
  19. Hybrid

    Hybrid Cuckrighted Warteam Member

    the movie version was better
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  20. el-cuxillito

    el-cuxillito Naderman Kickrighted


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