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Well, this Battlefield V multiplayer is quite similar to CoD WWII, at least for me. I think I'm playing until the beta version runs, but it will not be my favorite. It is likely that I am CoD-addict. :cool:


Reminds me of bf3 beta, the games buggy as hell the amount of bs is unreal. The weapon/vehicle upgrade trees was a horrible idea. The UI is just god awful. Having to leave the server just to upgrade is insane why did they do this?? Oh best part is the stupid ass spawn protection! I can't count how many times a guy will spawn in front of me, dump an entire mag (which you get 2 of when you spawn) into him and get nothing but hit markers...


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"Galveston man threatens family and stabs cat 12 times while 4-year-old fires AK-47"

good old yahoo news, their mail service is just terrible but you have to love those titles! I wonder what you get for buying their premium service, an actual service for once? Never change yahoo, or at least until i migrate all my accounts and contacts to gmail.