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Want to join (SORYM8)

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  • Real name : Vedprakash
  • In-game name : SORYM8
  • Age : 22
  • Country : INDIA
  • Why do you want to join ? : I want to join because , i liked this game and i want to make jff bettter with my playing skill and hacker catching skills.
  • Which games do you play ? : Call of Duty 5 world at war Multiplayer Only .
  • Which servers do you play on ? : JFF server 1
  • When do you play (time + timezone) ? : UTC -8 (8.00 am to 10:00 am ......and........1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • What can you do to make JFF better ? : i can catch hackers like wallhackers , no recoil, aimboat(its easy to catch an aimboter) ,
  • Download, install and use our Addon (it's required!)? yeah i downloaded it and its is installed , i sent invition all Lovely Jff members. Hope they will accecpt it .


Game Admin
ahahahahah! Sooo, he got an original key, tried to play clean and all. And this is what brings him down! A shared ip! ahahaha! We knew all along who your were Nikki, but you just had to go and make it so obvious and provide us with proof! Hey SORYM8 i am so sorry m8, maybe you should try the pde servers, oh wait... never mind! Man, you are so stupid it's painful to even watch it, i can only imagine how it must feel for you!


ok sir ,
no problem , hope you all guys will doing good . i was just want to play it , but rules are rules . hackers = permanent ban , PDe servers not good as JFF servers .
but never mind . i want to thank for jff ote who is the smart and a good admin .

good day sir
Not open for further replies.