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CoD4 UnbanRequest(BurunSpreyi)

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Your name/nick in game?:BurunSpreyi
Your IP?:

Which one of our Admins banned you?: =I dont know
Why you were banned?:Glitch
Why we should unban you?: This is my first ban, i did not know i was gliching. If i aware of this, i never do that. I like play in this server.


54003 Glitching BurunSpreyi BurunSpreyi @OTe h1m1k

Proof is here: http://cp.justforfun-gaming.com/json/WallofShame/getProof/39777

We've classed that as a glitch since I started, so it's not like it shouldn't be well known, lmao. It's a temp one, but expires on: 2017-06-07.
(Plus I'm pretty sure it's not the first but hohum, I'll let it slide for now, doesn't matter too much.)

See, I know you know the rules, but please check out the big glitch thread in future to make sure it doesn't happen.
Not open for further replies.