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CoD4 unban request

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but how can I answer there is no place to write any thing
and there is 2 requests cuz I couldn't delete 1 of them :D
Reply in this post in the right format for more help.

As for the other post, I've locked the other request, an admin will delete it at a later date.


Game Admin
i dont quite get your post. You had enough bans, and your are tired of taking new names, changing your ips, and then just saying to everybody who your really are? And then wondering why you got the ban again? Tired of all that and now you give up? NOW you want to say you are sorry, after all that effort to avoid bans, the time to say you are sorry has finally came? Well, what made you change your mind? Is it maybe the 200 kicks in 20 days? I want you to think about it when you write a proper unban request, IF you write a proper unban request. If you do not write a proper ubr, we will just lock this thread as well and its back to you being sorry and us giving you bans.
oh my god come on man yah i tried to cahnge ma names what abut my names is that prob man???
and what now if i said sorry that will not change any thing unban me and whach me this time
but changing names its not problem i will change
any thing else i will be good with u is that good?
no more fkn problems in the game with any body
Ma nick now is sin I will make it mk-47
Ma ip im not sure where can I find it
The admin am not sure 2
Am banned cuz lady-g said this is bloody to admin and that was ma old name then we insulting each other and got banned.
U should auban me cuz there is no reson to ban me if I not doing any prob in game...thxx.


Game Admin
I got banned unjustly man
Really? So you never insulted anyone? Didnt say ASSh*** few times? Like A BUNCH OF TIMES! Even to few admins? Ye, no, you were banned totally unjustly!


I must be blind or crazy, or even a liar for giving you a ban? Did i not warn you not to call ppl aholes? Did i not give you temp bans? Did you not get like up to 10 bans for the same thing? Did you not join forum 2 months ago and learned about the unban request thread by that time? What do i want you to DO?
I want to you to stop telling lies, i want you to cut the crap and stop giving us stupid excuses like lady g sayd smth nd cuz of tht yu git a bin! I want you to tell me why you really finally made this unban request > because @the MINION kicked you where 2 little nuts and a raisin dont see any sunshine! Just say you want the bans lifted cause it's harder and harder to play now. Be honest.
Told u no more troubles and I will not give excuses any more unban or leave it like this I think I explained my self clearly after that if u r not unbanned me I think u never ever do whatever I said..thaxx.


Game Admin
o you have haters here? But you dont have hate in yourself? Insulting and Calling everybody aholes is a good thing now? Who the hell do you think you are? I tried to give you a chance. Maybe be mini would have let you go. but no more. Bans will stay! And you can keep on thinking that when you insult others > it's they that dont like you, and not the other way around. Imagine that, ppl dint like being insulted all the time. Who knew?


Im not a MINION, im a yellow Tic Tac
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Sorry for jumping in lately....

For first, all admins know sentence "we don't unban cheater"...this is a huge range and obv "Insult" is not a cheat, but we set this in our rules (gameserver and Forums). You can read rules here too:
No Insulting

Simply do not insult any member or player. If you need to “rage” or “flame”, remember that you are only playing a game, just close it and take a break, there is no need to address offensive words to anyone. Avoid playing with irritating behaviors such as “trolling” your opponents, in this way you prevent people to insult. Breaking this rule will result in a warning in first place, in a kick in most cases, or even in a temporary/permanent ban if abused.
As @ElementX said, you insulted others, you got warned, kicked, tempbanned and finally perm banned.

Let me sort some facts:

- You insulted others and you got banned for this
- You tried to avoid the ban by using names like: Red Right Hand, handsome, MK-74, Black Hands, bloodyhands, sin, badboy etc.....
- You tried to avoid the ban by using other GUID

Don't try to tell me "Red Right Hand" wasn't you.....
313654442018-05-13 09:02:03Red Right Hand just shutup
313654392018-05-13 09:01:09Red Right Hand isnt?
313654382018-05-13 09:01:05Red Right Hand but beeing snitch is bad thing
313654372018-05-13 09:00:58Red Right Hand i didnt
313654342018-05-13 09:00:37Red Right Hand ok
313654312018-05-13 09:00:28Red Right Hand and got good girl when admin here
313654242018-05-13 08:59:48Red Right Hand she said u r **** when seen admin got behave
313654202018-05-13 08:59:22Red Right Hand what u fkn want
313654182018-05-13 08:59:18Red Right Hand he is blooody
313654172018-05-13 08:59:14Red Right Hand u r fkn snitch
313654122018-05-13 08:59:03Red Right Hand *****
313654092018-05-13 08:58:56Red Right Hand ????
313654072018-05-13 08:58:53Red Right Hand huh?
313654082018-05-13 08:58:54Red Right Hand what
313654042018-05-13 08:58:49Red Right Hand what i did to u????
313654022018-05-13 08:58:43Red Right Hand snitch
313654002018-05-13 08:58:42Red Right Hand fk u
313653982018-05-13 08:58:34Red Right Hand snitch *****
313653972018-05-13 08:58:26Red Right Hand when i see ur fat face i remember my ass
313653942018-05-13 08:58:12Red Right Hand i forgot to tell u
313653932018-05-13 08:58:06Red Right Hand lady
313653892018-05-13 08:57:42Red Right Hand laaaaaaaady
So just give me only one reason why we should unban you? cause you learn behaviour?

Sorry bro. As @ElementX said ban will stay. You are not allowed to Play on our Servers.

Cheers and have a nice life!
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