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CoD:WaW Unban, dont understand my ban

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Your name/nick in game?: Snipazo
Your IP?:
Which one of our Admins banned you?: I dont know
Why you were banned?: I dont know
Why should we unban you?: I dont think i did anything to get banned
Lets be real, no one of you actually think im hacking or have hacked, pretty obvious its just revenge, i even respect the no reload cancel rule and only use ptrs because of that, a friend was in spectators looking at me and i told him i was gonna try to get banned that game, rewatch the demo and look at the retarded noscs trying to get a lucky shot, but the thing is the ban reason makes no sense, if you watch the demo, its obv i cant see people through walls, you could think i had nosmoke(fx_enable 0) but thats not what happened either, right before the shot you can see the guy running at the smoke and even if i couldnt see the smoke, i killed him right when i got an angle on him, so the nosmoke wouldnt even make a difference there so its not a proof of wallhack or nosmoke.


Game Admin
ofc we don't believe you cheat. it's all just a conspiracy to ban every scope user. We hate them, and by we i mean Ote and me. We have a secret pact to support one another every time one of you honest players makes an ub request. Now, it would be suspicious if we just ban every single scoper, so we wait a day or even two and we watch to see if you use anything other than a scope, if not, that is when we make our move. We both know you hookers just have 6th sense about enemy locations and we are jealous of your mad skills. I dreamed about a day when i can just shoot left and right, hitting every single enemy hidden or seen across the map, through the smoke or walls. But, that dream died, and i became bitter, so i decided to ban every single player that had a positive score or that owned me ingame. We invented aimbot, no recoil and re-chamber canceling just to cripple pro players. If we can't be good with only our natural skills, well, no one else will be. It really isn't your fault, it's us.
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