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CoD:WaW Unban DarkHarlequin

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Your name/nick in game?: DarkHarlequin (former [Aces]Tyrael former JFF Member)
Your IP?:
Which one of our Admins banned you?: Idk...
Why you were banned?: Falsely Accused of Wallhack
Why we should unban you?: I have been on this Server for years now, and I have never used any hacks or such things. I have been banned before for the same reason, but I am clean. The thing is, that I have 1000+ Hours in CoD5, I know the maps, and I know spots where people camp, or where you can do nice wallbangs. On Makin you can shoot through almost everything. That+Recon plane allows some lucky kills... MG 42 + Several Red dots right in front of me on minimap + wild spraying + getting hitmarkers, keep shooting. That's what my wallhack seems to be.... I admit, that it might look fishy, but I swear I don't use any hacks.

Thanks in advance for answers! :)
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Stop commanding/spamming in unbanrequests which are not urs! It's up to the admins to say banned/unbanned. If you have a Problem with bakos, feel free to contact an higher admin, but not within spamming in Threads.

And pls don't command my post here, you can contact me via pm!


Game Admin
o thats just one of our Belarus buddies that got all mad from all the bans he got for team nading and constant 3-word-vocabulary insulting. Im just glad to see he expanded his english skills a bit, but vitos, i mean dudik, im the one who gave you all those bans, not Bakos ;)

You think he would learn something after 3 years of constant bans. So much for those english skills. Well, dudik, provide some proof and then you might make some point, at this time i only see you insulting an admin here, so, dont do it anymore or you might get a forum ban as well.
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