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CoD:WaW Un Ban Request

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Your name/nick in game?: Mandem Fudgy Badger
Your IP?:
Which one of our Admins banned you?: Don't know
Why you were banned?: Was banned for 'insulting'
Why we should unban you?: I didn't insult anyone

Thank you.
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Game Admin
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It's a temp ban by @OTe . He'd just banned someone for glitching, which you then insulted him for even though glitching is against the JFF rules, proof is here:

10163 Insulting Mandem Fudgy Badger Mandem Fudgy Ba

Exp: 2017-08-18 23:25:54

Personally think a temps a bit much for this specifically, kick would suffice but the temp ban is only for a day, maybe you could use this time to brush up on the server rules so it doesn't happen again :)
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