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Trouble connecting to JFF servers


Hey guys,
For the last week or so, i'm having trouble connecting to any of the jff servers. When i select a server to join, it goes to "setting up the game" loading screen and gets stuck there. It has stayed stuck for about 15 mins before i closed the game itself.
If by chance i connect and play a game: when the server goes from one map to another, i get a hugeee delay, like 2 to 3 mins before the map loads slowly.

I also got an error once saying "cyclecommand etc not laoding" when i was trying to join the server.

I tried reinstalled COD4, checked my display driver updates, and restarted router and nothing works.

Any suggestions guys?

My laptop is 3 years old, intel i5 4200 with 16 GM ram and radeon 8750M.

Thanks in advance!

@Sammy @Gisbourne @Bauer anything i can do guys?


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I think @Thunder changed something related to connecting on the 28th of july.
I cant connect to the servers via addon anymore since it will give me a message saying my ping is 500+ms.

//edit: same issue for campari, maybe because of 1.8?


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have you tried other servers, so we can make sure the problem is with your pc before Thun tries to find error with the servers


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i just connected to s3 with no problems, and there are bunch of ppl, something must wrong on your side (guessing) or maybe try to connect with addon and then with out. Have you done any changes to your pc(mac) lately?


I did a malware check which quarantined some files, due to a bad flash someone gave me. Other than that nothing major changes on my end. Pc did a windows update last week.

Any guesses what could be wrong if on my end? It looks it is on my end coz nobody else has this problem. :(


@Hybrid i did the restore but still having trouble connecting.
@Thunder I was able to connect fast this whole week, but since today morning same problem again. I'm seeing the "game needs server command: was cycled out" after waiting for 15 20 mins to connect.
My internet speed is also good. I checked it's 130 Mbps.

Also i could connect to server 1, 2 and zombie straight away while server #3 is still showing the window setting up game..

Any solutions or have any idea as to what is wrong and why i can't access server 3?
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Try Creating a new cod4 profile and see if that works. You could also try Running these commands in CMD (Please make sure you know what you're doing. Don't just follow these blindly)

1. Open CMD as admin, and type in Ipconfig /release
2. Now type in Ipconfig /renew.
3. May also want to try ipconfig /flushdns (doubt dns is the issue, but who knows)

You said nothing major has changed, and you reset your router. Can you play other multiplayer games? Or is this only happening on cod4?