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The time to fade away

Discussion in '(Non-)Members announcements' started by Hyde, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. True.north

    True.north Member Member

    @Hyde life has its own ways and so has your destiny! Just stay "human" thats all that matters!
  2. Thanos

    Thanos Member Member Donator

    Hyde come to greece, just 9 months in the army :p
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  3. Trobon

    Trobon Game Admin Game Admin

    Uhm... I Germany you don't even have to go to the army.
  4. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    yea, thats the benefit that comes with peace :)
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  5. omar3030

    omar3030 Member Member Donator

    don't worry it's like cod4 but the different if you died u will not respawn :p joking.
    But like what @Hanphagard said
    so u must help ur people and don't worry if there is a war u will know before ;)
  6. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

    @Hyde "That benefit comes with peace" ? in Iraq you don't have to go to army also and you know Iraq is the homeland of war and testing weapons ^^
    Every great nation produce something and test it here.
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  7. WarDog21

    WarDog21 woofwoof

    fucking strong and sadly true words

    sry, but i need to be the smartass here.. he said that if there is peace, no army is needed. that doesnt mean that there will be peace without an army... sadly.
  8. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

    Become a Buddhist, at least you will find internal peace no need for army then ^^ that's first step then become someone like ghandi and try for your country's peace then die and become a hero for generations :)
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2015
  9. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    till a week ago my join date was 4.8.15, but they changed it to 18.10.15
    time to find a job :(
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  10. Gr1m Reaper

    Gr1m Reaper Acta non verba

  11. Yabwon

    Yabwon Senior Admin Senior Admin Donator

    You get drag queen
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  12. el-cuxillito

    el-cuxillito Naderman Banrighted

    I think this will be the best job that he can do without care his studies or habilities hahahhahhahahahah
  13. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    i don't call it a job, i call it fun time
  14. Anubis

    Anubis The Great Kickrighted

    **** job, time for 15 hours a day of video games. yeeey
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  15. Gr1m Reaper

    Gr1m Reaper Acta non verba

    Haters gonna say, "make your priorities straight"
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  16. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Nah, those particular 'haters' will say it in correct English, like this:
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  17. Gr1m Reaper

    Gr1m Reaper Acta non verba

    Lel, good you recognised yourself hahahaha
  18. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    So at the end it worked out. Iam at the navy close to home ( kinda), and its time to start playing again and meet the new memebers ( new memebers of the last 7 months :p )
    Got white uniform bitcheeessss ( wear it 4 times a year but ye still got it ^^)
  19. True.north

    True.north Member Member

    Welcome back @Hyde to the gaming i mean :p
  20. Welden

    Welden Very anti-fish

    Awesome :D Time to see if you have any skill left :p
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