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The time to fade away

Discussion in '(Non-)Members announcements' started by Hyde, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    Wish I knew how to call this topic, kinda sucky.
    So, in one of those dates 4.8 or 18.10 Ill join the army, for 3 full years.
    what does it mean?
    *at the start ill be away for 4 weeks
    - after ill end those weeks, beacuse i have some health problem ( iam alright ) I MIGHT come home every day, BUT its not for sure. in this case, I don't believe that ill be able to be active as i am right now ( in forum, in game iam not active already :D ) but I will be able to stay in jff
    -if i " survive " those 4 weeks , with out any problem, most of the chances that Ill serve in a "combat" squad. in this case, ill come home for weekend every 2 weeks. ( 2 weeks at the army --> 2 days at home and then back to army for another 2 weeks)

    I still don't know what i want. thats the main problem.. only after the first weeks i will be able to think, and understand what i really want to do in the army,and where i stand with jff.
    both of the cases are not great, but its not up to me :)

    I don't know what should i do with jff now. should i stay a BR? or just an orange member? or just leave and come back more 3 years? I want to hear ideas what i can do with my self here cuz i truly dont fucking know :p
    I won't call this topic as a good bye topic, its more like help me to find the best way to stay active and not hurting jff with my lack of activty.

    ~next week 2 years in jff~
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  2. Smokva

    Smokva Member Member

    I believe @Perdikos can give you the best advice on that topic
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  3. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

  4. Gr1m Reaper

    Gr1m Reaper Acta non verba

    I believe your status can be put "in army" or sth so u dont lose rights.. This whole thing about Israel and Palestina war is deep ****, stupid politicians... I hope you will stay safe and healthy while in army and try to visit forums at least when you get home from your service from time to time. You'll get other in PM. Cheers
  5. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

    Is it mandatory to go to army ? or you want to go to army ?
  6. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    He doesn't know. He's fading away. #Mindfuck #WhereIsHyde? #Inception #ExistentialCrisis

    You can just stay for now. We'll simply kick you out when you've completely faded. :)
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  7. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    yes it is, and yes i want
  8. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

    then do that ^^ and dont worry about jff we will kick u soon enough 3:) and i will milk every admin to give me your BR :D 3:)
    enjoy and have fun ^^ dont forget give us army jaw pics from time to time
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  9. Hanphagard

    Hanphagard Uncle han ;) Member

    its nothing to do with palestine,
    army is a must, sense israel needs a strong army, cause at any time lebanon syria ISIS Gaza and terrorists can start a war here,

    to hyde :
    go to No Game Section,
    Stay BR, or go to member if you want
    and be active as much as you can, and get some גימלים
    Good luck man! have fun!
    one day, 4-5 years from now
    i will be there too :p
  10. Trobon

    Trobon Game Admin Game Admin

    All what I can say is, that you'll make the right decision and you'll find your way :)
    Anyways good luck in army and come back healthy ^^
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  11. Ardens

    Ardens G-Rated Justice Senior Admin

  12. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    acutally its from here
  13. Sammy

    Sammy Game Admin Game Admin Warteam Member

    Good luck and stay strong mister :)
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  14. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    wait 4 week and let us know
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  15. True.north

    True.north Member Member

    Good luck and God speed mister @Hyde

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  16. Spoma

    Spoma The Rebellious Deserter

    Finally youll get your cherry popped. <3 dont be tense, let it come in easy <3
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  17. NoteInBlock

    NoteInBlock Registered

    3 years is a really long time...
    I just hope that you wont have too much problems at army and can return back home savely :) <3
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  18. WarDog21

    WarDog21 woofwoof

    good luck and always keep your head up high ;p
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  19. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    well he will be in a combat squad, so , keep your head down o_O
  20. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    they let you do tests, and from those tests they decide if you are dumbass or smart. everyone has the same tests. ( you do it before the army ) scores : 90 the highest - 30 the lowest ( in jumps of 10 points, 30-40-50.. etc) : i got 60, which is super great and it opens 99% of the options in the army, and close the bad spots. another tests is 46~56 - i got 54 which more than enough, opens everything in the army.

    if you succeeded the tests plus your school's grades are high, you will be in the best units in the army, ofc. but you have to pass another 10000000 tests which are super hard and only few people pass it every year
    if you failed the starting tests, they will just put you in a deep-**** spot
    i did well in the tests, so they summoned me to another tests ( 5 tests in a raw, around 3~4 hours with 10 mins break ), i pass them well and i got a really good "role" but i had to sign another 8 months in the army, or something around that i don't remeber. the job was super hard and it would really break my head so I didn't go to the interview, which means i " give up" this job.
    since i fked it up i still don't know what ill do in the army, i might get the Navy cuz it close to home, or air force, or a really bad spot which i truly dont want it and ill cry if i get it. lets hope for the Navy :p
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