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The Solution to a problem you did not know you had


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well, i am overwhelmed by the experience i just made,
turned on the msi mode for my gpu. to make it short: your gpu makes sure that the frame it rendered is correct, causing a imense input lag. with that setting you skip that part, lowering slightly the grafical quallity but making your game 10 times as responsive. I basicly feel like a human aimbot right now, it feels like my screen moves earlier than i move my mouse because i was used to this input lag.

A guide to this was here:

3. There are two major registry tweaks for NVIDIA: Powermizer and MSI-mode.

The most important registry tweak is MSI-mode. This improves responsiveness by allowing faster communication between CPU and GPU. To switch to MSI-mode, follow the steps below.

Verify your motherboard can handle message signal based interrupt mode.
To do this, open device manager. Go to view and choose resources by connection. Under IRQ, scroll to bottom. Look at the numbers in parentheses on the bottom few entries. If there are any negative irq's, then your motherboard supports MSI-mode, and you may continue.

The next step is to find your video cards' hardware ID. Open device manager. Find your video card under display adapters. Right click it, and go to properties. Go to the details tab. On the drop-down list, choose hardware ID. You will search for this hardware ID soon.

Open regedit (windows key + R). Navigate to hkey_localmachine\ system\ currentcontrolset\ enum\ pci\. Find the hardware ID for your video card. Go deeper until you find Device Parameters into that key, until you find Device Parameters and, within that, Interrupt Management. Right click Interrupt Management and choose 'new key'. Name it "MessageSignaledInterruptProperties". Go into the new folder, and then right click on the white space in the right panel. Create a DWORD 32-bit called "MSISupported". Double click this new DWORD and set the value of to 1. Restart your computer.

If the restart fails, use last known good configuration or restore from the system restore point you created."


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I tried this because I'm hunting for every bit of smoothness in game while I'm stuck playing on an old 75hz monitor OC'd to 80hz.

I do think It feels a bit smoother/quicker while aiming. I'd say I noticed the biggest difference mostly on FAST TWITCHY aiming movements (flicks, peeks , back and forth e.t.c ). It felt more responsive, I could follow the crosshair smoothly and it moved as I made the movement with the mouse. It's hard to describe since "feel" is subjective anyway, but still, I think tweak does make a noticeable difference in that aspect, at least my eyes say so. LOL

I have yet to test this while playing against others so will see about that.

Nice tweak was the unparking cpu cores one. I didn't know about that at all. Got to unpark 3 cores, f*ck power saving and also set my priority to high for games in registry.

Didn't notice any graphic quality reduction so far, but I play on pretty low settings anyway, so I don't care about that at all.

IMO there is no reason not to have these tweaks on.
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