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The end of JustForFun

thank you very much for your hard work hope you have a bright future. i would like to mention that because of you and the crew this game would have been dead years ago. many thanks to all the people that put an effort in this masterpiece. this is not a community. this is family. its has been a pleasure playing on your servers for 5 years now we met the good, the noob, the camper and the fuukng hacker. so satisfying killing those hackers with nades i will miss those fker. thank you all for being part of this family pleasure playing with you all.

cheers mates <3



Game Admin
Well it's time to say, that this is really sad, but it's real.
Thanks to everybody. Specially to @Thunder, @Gianni (don't forget him, I see almost everybody does....) and all the people who made this great comunity possible.
After so much time we are like a family.
Here I spent a lot of time on the past years, even more when I moved to Germany cause of work. It was really helpfull during the time that I was there.
I met a lof of nice, great and helpfull people. I will not write any name, cause I don't want to forget anybody and everyone was/is/will be special for me.
Really guys, I wish you all the best.
Just something more...


Cheers guys.
It was a pleasure <3


Game Admin
Movie Master
I want to post some memorable times within JFF. Will miss you all

Elements favourite thing to jack to
Gis trying to justify that goats are sexy

Trobon sending me his home made porn infront of the mirrors again

No comments required

And my most memorable thing to ever come out of JFF. Good ol’ Saramy rage.
Source: http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/threads/obey-like-my-dog-now-cmd.21141/
@CmD listen to me u despicable little dog **** on the sidewalk
no one was referring to you at anythig at the previous thread,
no one took a **** and invited you to eat
,it was a discussion between me and him @Uriel , not an argument ,
So as the saying says...
( dont stick ur ass in 2 dickfight )
He mentioned me and I gave my opinion back
UR the dumb **** who involved him self here , dont fucking disrespect some one who showed manners and didnt use offensive language to any one
, just because ur an admin that doesn't mean U talk **** to any one ...
unlikely as an admin here
Wich is to ur kind probably is best thing in ur miserable fucking life ...
ur best reached level ...
the most of ur influence
The best limits of ur achievements ...
U should be afine example Of it at least
And Watch the fucking demos againe u blind brainless **** ,
he knew the exact location of every follow through wall he did
and he managed to kill them all
, dont talk about no damn luck ...
he may be lucky once or twice not 21 fuckin time ,
Now i dont give a **** what he was or what he is
I just answered @Uriel of saying that i was more suspicious than him
and I wasn't even in the game !!!!!!
And i wanst even around
Then u fucking jumped up and say don't command others ...

Well , I will command you this now
And you will obey exactly like my dog
Go to saramy name in ur addon
and do the best ban u can on my IP right now like a dog
Or without like , the like word will feel sad then
As a dog ..go go GO...
I dont know why even i was wasting my funtime playing in here

Ur lucky ur behind the screen now u imbecile ****
Tip for Ur fingers
, rest them from what u ll type to me couse
I ll block you and block the site, unsubscribe from email ,
so u save ur fingers energies and stick them in ur ass one by one or all togther While u watch animation hentai porn , cheap low life ****

And dont forget to delete this thread
So no one sees that i stripped you off your dignity and wiped the floor of it then posted it

@the MINION ... minion stfu if i am a hybrid what does that make you? Unknown creature xD
And get ur puberty first b4 u refer to someone as kid
Go eat a bannana from up and down now
Hope it makes you smile over the last few days. And yes, this will forever be imortalised on read only, and in the web archive. You’re welcome. :)