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thanks :)

Discussion in '(Non-)Members announcements' started by Spoma, May 5, 2015.

  1. St. Anger

    St. Anger Slaprighted Member

    Well, here's one that's appropriate :D <3
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  2. Spoma

    Spoma The Rebellious Deserter

    horrow said he doesnt wanna make any to me...vag*ina dentata and stuff like that. hes afraid for his life

    PS: you should all stop saying good luck and goodbye, im not going anywhere, and im still a JFF no lifer.
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  3. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    one of the best replys i ever saw. ty for that
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  4. Fobus

    Fobus Registered

    I think you misjudged what being useless mean. I cant even count how many of members i havent yet met in game or in forum... Like Anubis said, at least you had the guts to announce it.
  5. Anubis

    Anubis The Great Kickrighted

    The amount of kissassing by @Hyde is making me puke lel
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  6. Spoma

    Spoma The Rebellious Deserter

    the amount of unexpected love is making me pregnant. J*izz iz 2 stronk. I love how my threads bring you tarts together <3
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  7. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

    Now now :D don't bring me into this I don't want to be responsible for bringing babies into this world ^^ ,
    and shut up take all these fake loves :D (Except anger's love his is true :3 element won't answer to this thread so he loves you also).
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  8. Hyde

    Hyde 2013's stuff

    you jelly fish cuz i can make her into boys again
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  9. shujinko

    shujinko Registered

    hmmmmmm is that so?

    come bake a cake than!


    btw i love the texture of "spuma" when i'm plating
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  10. Erwin

    Erwin The Nabster

    Hate u :mad:
  11. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

    @Erwin I'm not encouraging what she did or smt :D but that's her life man and she still is playing ^^ so she isn't technically out
    she is a part of the group but without orange on her head :3 so calm ur tities and dont hate my love ^^
  12. Erwin

    Erwin The Nabster

    cant calm my tits, hate, hate to love her:(
  13. Smokva

    Smokva Member Member

  14. Erwin

    Erwin The Nabster

    Getting tiered of ppl leaving. Most ppl cause of whom i joined here are gone and guess its my time to leave too. Ty for all the fun and see u in game :)
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  15. everest

    everest Registered

    good luck @Spoma best wishes , dont forget us ;)
  16. Gr1m Reaper

    Gr1m Reaper Acta non verba

    I respect your decision but at least you could have written your own thread and not post it here like a "coward" and hope nobody will see it or whatever you wanted to accomplish with this... @Spoma you, my lady, havemore ballz than some man, take a bow.
  17. Horrow

    Horrow Member Member

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  18. Sio_Pietro

    Sio_Pietro Registered

    Com' here a sec spomzy , i gotta teach you how to apply censor on things.

    @Anubis and @Spoma , i never see you guys anymore... :(
    But.. on the bright side... goat simulator just came out. Yeah, it's a real thing. Game changer. no, more. Life changer.
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  19. Gr1m Reaper

    Gr1m Reaper Acta non verba

    he now usually plays on #3 hc server cause #1 is not full and lack of players, we both are trying to figure out the perfect rot for raising the #1 popularity again :D
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  20. Sio_Pietro

    Sio_Pietro Registered

    ah! see? i never go on s3... plus, now that goat simulator is out.... i don't know.. i might uninstall cod.
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