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thanks :)


The Rebellious Deserter
love you guys. i decided its time for me to go, im not doing anything useful around here anyway!
bans can be done by other people, i can't code or have a wish to do so and im easily replacable, ill stick around in general so see you in some troll threads.
Edit/ don't wanna be one of those sitting on the member list, collecting dust, just because i visit the forum once in a while.


2013's stuff
alright Spoma..
Well, ty for being here when i needed you ( and i did..) it won't be forgotten.
also want to apology, at start I gave you " bad name" which you didn't deserve. I based it on nothing, and Iam truly sry about it. this was the only mistake since i joined jff, and since then I have alot of regrets. I judged you too fast. The truth is that you are an awesome person, and I enjoyed everysec that i spent with you.
If you ever come back, you have my vote.
Also, if you leave cuz of those reasons ( which i believe is not the real reasons) i should have left long time ago
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The Rebellious Deserter
just not to be misunderstood, i just dont wanna be a non active member. ill always be around so you dont have to worry about that :)

Gr1m Reaper

Acta non verba
Fuc* you :/
Aswell as hyde, i want to apology for the thing i said which led to my tempban in the past, regreted it a lot when i met you better. Hope you will stay around for our little chit chats :)
Hope you are happy with this decision and gl in rl


Ahm example of useless member is me xD , you are opposite at least in my mind :)
Good luck in real life , love you. :-* :-* :-* :-* wish you best pretty lady ^^ and now JFF is without a Queen, and we can't replace you ;-)


Winter has come.
Well this isn't really a goodbye luckily ^^ But don't you dare going to play somewhere else and forget JFF xD
And I guess you can keep the Queen title, you deserve it :p
See you around Spoma!( remember to expand your kingdom! XD)


BOOBs Lover
Im really sorry.u are really talkable person.i understood it very late :-(.u are a good reason for changing me.u help me in this way.ty for everything.always have fun and good luck my lady :) :-*
Its bad to see ya going... Conflicts and misunderstanding are part of life... They are not meant to be taken on heart... You were active more than me...
Wud be nice to see you again here...
And sorry if i said anything bad to you!


The Great
As I found out, you're ok but I guess I was right, was it half a year of membership... but at least you have the guts to quit when being AFK (unlike 80% of others). Cya around, maybe you'll change your mind someday.