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Teamspeak Server

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Community Leader
JustForFun has running a TS3 server , so if you want to talk with eachother under the match. Visit it and use it :)

ip :

(mayby if i can find someone a guy who comments the match so others can listen)


you can talk using a button instead of real mic, cause i dont have a mic. seems to work with just pressing a button on your keyboard.
If you are on a Teamspeak 3 server, and you play cod2 or other games, you don't get any lagg ;)
And Teamspeak 3 is really nice to use if you play a war. then you can call were the enemy is.
I personally like Teamspeak 3 more than Ventrilo, and it's better in my opinion.
You could use it for a lot of things, and yeah it doesn't do any lag while in game, me and my mates always talk while playing, this is the key to survive and kill as much as possible in cod2 :D, and ts3 is used in a lot of other games...
gimici XD said:
i use teamspeak a lot.i have just one question.why are there so many guys in tha loby??
You got a point :p, sometimes the server is completely empty and sometimes the lobby is full of like 20-30 people xD.
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