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TB To the old times?

So after a long time like few years i came back to CoD4...and man was i disappointed in all modding that has been done it doesn't feel like CoD4 anymore...Who even made 1.8?
So I've been thinking of making a little Server "Old School Sniper Lobby", it pretty much speaks for it self i want to make a Sniper lobby server non Noobmod one like we have today but the one we had in back in 2010-2012(Video bellow)
Sniper lobby servers were like really rare but man once hosted they were LOADED with players sometimes i had to wait 20 mins before there was an empty slot, will never forget uploading +50 clips to xFire and felling so proud

To do this i need a little help so how about it? Anybody interested in something like this? Im sure that old veterans will be for sure
Please leave your opinions and thoughts down bellow.



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if u gonna make a server , this means u will be our competitor and this is advertising (not allowed here, sry)


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Good luck with that

And like Bauer say use pm or something.Not allowed adv.here and on servers