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#4iS, 4.5 inches on good days.
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Fullbright is disabled on purpose, it gives an unfair advantage and is neither allowed to use in ladders or tournaments.
The max fov is restricted to 80 since the servers dont run pr0mod, you can change it via console


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You can turn fps on in your console no matter the server, just type in

 /cg_drawfps 1
And you'll get it.

As for fov, you can change that as well.


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@Peppy owner, do you see, in what place (subforum) did you started this thread...?

Thread moved...

BTW. Please downscale your signature, it's too big.


#4iS, 4.5 inches on good days.
Warteam Member
I tried ""/cg_drawfps 1 "" but did not work
just to clearify, this command only shows a fps counter (top right corner of the screen you posted) it doesnt not provide you with fullbright like commands like !fps on some other servers do.
I didn want to create a separate topic so 1) basically this is a good idea abouts FPS and in addition I wanted to ask - is there a plan fot the nearest future to add a server with 10 slots to play on a small maps?