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Steam names

Pleace post you steam names here so we can all hook up on MW2

Leafy : MCLeafy
Thunder : thunderbug2
Mtee : MatejRen
Marcin258 : segal_I_marcin
ViRuS: Virus_Nikola
Flame: Flame_head93
Sasek: sasekvlki
Needled: needled24790/kingzip
GrandPa: coldejong
Karem: Grzelock
The Invent0r: joachimb3000
Carter: raycarter95
Shonglet: shongie
Bob Lee Swagger: =[JFF]=Bob Lee Swagger
Speznakev: speznakev
Peace: JFF_Peace
VVilson: wilsoncmf
FrosT: petar630
szymi1996: szymi1996
lixton202: lixtondon202
GeneralLP: GeneralLP
Parabola: lateralus_4life
Vebr: psychoxdx
Dextorer: dextorer
Ugh: Sephael
witness: bigkiller95h
The Invent0r: theinvent0r
Enderfeda: =[JFF]=Ender
Tukker: justingerritsen
lenin584: lenin584
Anubis: wolkindeath
SoNiCia: relax100177

I'll try to add ev1's to the 1st post to make it easier to read for anyone looking for them.

//List completely updated (8th February 2011) by Needled