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Status Update Status Update 31.10.2016


Community Leader
Community Leader
Hello guys,

heres another status update. Didnt do one for a while now so here ya go.

  • Playtime is now collered red/orange when its not meeting the required playtime upload_2016-10-31_18-9-14.png
  • Source games have now playtime logging (CS:GO Server) upload_2016-10-31_18-13-9.png
  • Made the new sort of portals working on the mc server it will take you the mining world :) upload_2016-10-31_18-18-45.png
  • Addon passwords are now moved from the old database to the new one (finaly)
  • Updated teamspeak server
Visit our minecraft Server @ (Launcher : http://mc.thunderbug.be/launcher/JFF_Minecraft.exe)
Visit our CS:GO Server @ (csgo has not been configured and is just a development server for addon.)