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Status Update Status Update 29.12.2016


Community Leader
Community Leader
Another status update, probaly the last one for 2016.
  • Added a new command !session : Shows your playtime & kill/deaths counting from the time you connected.
  • Added !nm alternative to !show_nextmap
  • Fixed !restart command for coduo
  • Added 3 new fun commands: !gamma, !grumpycat, !nyah, thanks to @CmD.

I decided to continue coding at the addon client java version. Since the development on c++ version stalled and i dont think it will be done/bug free anytime soon. The aim is keep both version synced.

The next coding sessions are going to contain :
  1. Improve communication between Master & Client with a commen lib using kryonet (java library)
  2. Remove all old/not used junk in Addon Client (like Cam streaming, demo renderer)
  3. Cleanup GUI and improve coding


Game Admin
Game Admin
Bug report:

!session command shows a K/D of 0 for many players. I don't know what is causing it. I was playing for around one hour and it still showed K/D: 0

Entry on redmine needed?