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Status Update Status Update 21.05.2017


Community Leader
Community Leader
This time mainly a server addon update :)
  • Added new Packet (112 get Usergroups) @ master server
  • Fixed justforjunk uploads @ cp
  • Added !glitch command (was laying around, never got uploaded)
  • Added donators ability to use the !rules, !bannamechanger, !rotation command
  • Increased !vote time from 20 to 30 seconds, Lowered required votes from 60% to 40%
  • !session now outputs in a pm instead of a message for everyone
  • !session <name> now shows another player his session
  • Added kills & deaths to the !session command

Have fun using the new features :)


Game Admin
Have you been typing !rule or !rules and i wanna mention that you can use the short version of the commands like !bannc for name changer and !rot for rotation list


Warteam Member
I'm pretty sure I've been typing !rules as I got the respond that I am not allowed to use this command.

Anyone else who could test it? Maybe it really is just my own stupidity.. ;)

THX for the shortcuts :)