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Status Update Status Update 2018.12.27


Community Leader
Community Leader
Hi guys,

The last status update of 2018 probaly.

I've tried to fix the member player time module in the addon. Please verify if it now works okish: https://git.thunderbug.be/JustForFun/AddonServer/issues/6#issuecomment-23
Stats have now a check on NaN, which caused a junkload of errors in mysql (prev shown ingame)

FTP is now fixed for the admins, so rotations now should be able to be edited. The cp still required a fix for the edit map rotation button. The way i used to do was insecure and relayed on the internal networking between servers which now no longer exists. We moved everything on 1 server a couple of months ago.

Due to RL things and recent holidays, I have been very inactive and not beeing able to fix alot of bugs.