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Status Update Status Update 2018.01.27


Game Admin
NOOOo, its all weird! We had the best forum looks ever, it was so clear and simple to navigate, and now its the same as any other gaming forum i visited, its like all clustered. I looked 5 times in members section and i could not find the unread post. I went to bed and the forum was normal, then i woke up and it was like whaaaat? I did not wake up? And this is still a dream. Not only did the forum changed but i found a freaking white spot on my body that i never ever saw before and the cause of it might be so shameful i might not stop on red lights when i cross the street.

and the emojies are all so happy, i hate them. the cool guy isnt cool no more and o_0 guy... he is gone!

ahh, i get it, the thread has a slightly different shade of blue when the post is unread. I barely saw the difference

i see it has some nice new features, but, cant we have the old looks with new features?
I just update the software, xenforo has chnaged the looks of it, ill try to costumize the theme slowly to be more intresting. Let me know suggestions
lets begin ^^
-CP same interface as main forum page (everything from home to cloud)
-I think previous emoji were better than this one
-I suggest to turn theme black in stead of gray it would be much nicer
Im done for now xD I know you gonna kill me :p


WaW Section
Game Admin
I'm getting used to it. I think it's better, that TeamSpeak 3 box is not in the upper corner. BTW rules?


Retired Admin
Here is my suggestions:
- Add a texture in the background (preferably black as suggested, also a good example is our header) so its not a solid grey color. That would add a nice contrast to the solid text boxes.
- Also recommend the same for CP ^
- Revert our header off the holiday version back to normal one



Hippie Hippo
I like the color gray, it does not put pressure on my eyes like black, especially on contrast with white letters. But since there's no need to much to read, background color can be any

My suggestion bound with new messages in the topics (i mean titlle of topic), they are not conspicuous, titles letters just a bit bolded, that's all. Please, highlight them somehow more clearly.
p.s. agree about emojies, they're so pllastic, so inanimate
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very nice the new look.gj!!for me i agreed with the color to change in black(badass) emojis are nice and cp 2!just 1 question :what is xenforo?the edition of the forum?
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