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Status Update Status Update 19.12.2016


Community Leader
Community Leader
The year is ending pretty fast. So here is another status update.

  • Changed the header to a little bit more christmass styled (shift + F5 if you dont see it)
  • Added a forum group for donators (this just shows the donator banner nothing more)
  • Started working on a warteam page + Management tool for warteam leader (http://cp.justforfun-gaming.com/page/WarTeam)
  • Most bugs with playerslist should be fixed now, let me know if theres something that needs to be fixed.
  • Backup script for both servers is up and running again. The most important data is copied daily to the backup space of hetzner. The rest is beeing copied to a hard drive on rainbowdash. (rsync) I'm still thinking on a way to get offsite backup space, outside hetzner/germany.
  • I know of the picture of the jff guys ingame, i'll try to do something nice with it at christmass
As some of may know i've been working a project that isnt JFF related. I got a bit tired of viewing the same coding over and over. I wanted to do something new which is still related to gaming but not to JFF in particular.

Some of you may know www.epcgaming.com, which provided like all the cracked servers needed. But now this site doesnt exist anymore i wanted to fill up the gap. But i wanne add something extra to it based on http://et.trackbase.net/ and http://et.splatterladder.com/. A database that tracks all servers and post new maps/mods etc... Also i dont like the slowness of gametracker.

URL : https://tracker.thunderbug.be/