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Status Update Status Update 19.09.2016

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Thunder, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Thunder

    Thunder Community Leader Community Leader Donator

    Heres another small status update. My pc is fixed again, power supply died.


    Is now avaible for all jff members and donating non-members. Still consider donating if you use the client.
    I have fixed a junkload of bugs with the client and should be better to run now :)


    • Added version (builds & revision number)
    • Added menus to remove and add friend
    • Added a setting to disable DLL injection and memory hooking into games, to prevent PB bans
    • Added the tray messages settings to the settings page (they now actualy work)
    • Enter now actualy sends the message instead of the adding a enter to text in chat
    • Leftclick on tray-icon now opens the client to (instead of rigcht click -> show)

    For the rest i have been experimenting with some new coding, plugins for source games (CS:GO, TF2).
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  2. upsen

    upsen just a sheep. Kickrighted Donator

    Love your work, keep up the good work......
    and love being a part of all this.
  3. Ardens

    Ardens G-Rated Justice Senior Admin

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  4. SeaSerpent13

    SeaSerpent13 Senior Admin Senior Admin

    I would recommend to have DLL injection turn off on default. Don't need people to not read and get PB banned.

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