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Status Update Status Update 11.07.2017


Community Leader
Community Leader
Hello guys,

So for the guys living in the Asia area and having high pings at our servers. Here are 2 india servers (cod4 & cod5). In case of alot of players and depending on the donations i can expend the servers to a better host. Since this one is the cheapest i could find and the specs rly suck.

Everything should be working on those servers. Addon is running on it so you can use commands and playtime is logged.

Feedback is welcome :)


Hopeless case
Game Admin
Now we have to try to direct middle and east Asian players to the servers. Server is sc(cod4) atm. Should it be hc? Put some ideas here.
Members could make binds or admins could write some addon messages for other servers.
Also, some organised playing time would help if we could gather few members and players
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