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Status Update Status Update 08.08.2017


Community Leader
Community Leader
Hi Guys,

A new status update :)
  • Removed routing in CP since this is no longer beeing used. (Waiting for a pfsense update to implement their API into the CP to forward ports etc...)
  • Add a possibility to add wars on the warteam page
    @Bauer , @BluFish , @Ana & any admin can add new wars. Please let me know what should be improved on this ticket: http://redmine.justforfun-gaming.com/issues/259
  • Added war results to the home page
  • Improved log files of servers. You are now able to see the last 100 lines of the games_mp.log & console.log. This now should work for every jff server in the cp (even minecraft & modded servers etc)
  • Reworked ssh connections via cp to be more secure (restart server etc)
    Maybe i should search for a better system then using ssh via php? @SIPKODAR (security dude)
  • Made a security fix. Level wasnt checked on adding & removing warteam members. Everyone with json could have added or removed a member.

I hope the updates were usefull. Please consider donating if you like my work!

Kind Regards,