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Status Update Status Update 08.05.2017


Community Leader
Community Leader
Hello guys,

Another status update.

  • Control panel
    • Fixed some internal errors (no output is given when they errored)
    • Updated Highcharts to the latest version (Charts ftw!)
    • Using composer to update the all php Libraries in the future.
  • Email
    • We are now using a external mail server (mxroute.com), For the guys who had a @JustForFun-gaming.com email, please pm me for a new one. For the guys who want one, the same!
  • Minecraft
    • Created FTP & gave tools to manage minecraft server to Trobon. He is in lead of doing this now.

Rainbowdash ( is getting a format soonish, a lot of junk has been gathered on this server the last couple of years. Current uptime is 596 days, some record for a JFF server. More info on when and where soonish.

Addon Client: I wanne start updating the addon client again. As maybe know a c++ version was in the make. Since development stalled on this fully, i'll keep on going with the java version. So hopefully some usefull updates soonish :)