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CoD:WaW Spectate for suspect, and been banned

I been banned (reason WH) when I got banned I actually spectate, and write to some person that use cheats.. after few seconds I been banned.. Can I ask why?
Name: berserk
I dont know
When I try reconnect, its say I Been banned for wh
Its misunderstanding, I spectate player name (Wiloux), because he was very suspicious, and later I write that he use cheats. Few second later I been banned for Wh..
Ah, let me explain you logic. If someone with slovak IP use cheats, I must be cheater to because I am from SVK? access point I use is share by many people, and router sometimes fall down and reset.. after reset router got new ip adress.. So U call my cheater? You see my score? I have hardly 30-35 kills and 20 deads cheater who I spectate had 55 and 7 deads.. But ist ok right?
And last question.. I want see some proof or video where I cheat. there is no right? You just judge my and condemnation me without proof.. If you think that its ok, you can keep your ban, and delete my account..
I download a codplayer a see a video.. When you watch carefully, the player in bunker kneel down and up two times.. I saw him, and focus, then see a part of his head. If you really believe that I use a wallhack, then u are a moron..


Game Admin
if a moron caught you like 30 times and you add my 10-15 bans, then how low do you go on the iq ladder? What's lower than a moron? i would really like to know, like can you do 3 things at the same time, you know, you walk and start to talk and you forget to breathe? But do not take this the wrong way, i actually owe you gratitude, you are so easy to catch, no matter how annoying you are, some of the cheaters actually learn how to hide it, lol, but not you, same thing every single time! I salute you!