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Sound causes big lag

Hi all!
It's been some time since weapon sounds cause big stuttering for me. Never had this problem when I played with Athlon XP and Geforce 2MX, but I have it now, with 3570K and Radeon 280x...when there are many weapon sounds, I get 10FPS. Turning sound quality down to 22khz didn't help, reinstalling game didn't help. I love this game, but it's getting difficult to bear the freaking LAG!
No problems in other games/apps...
Anybody knows what to do? Thank you!


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Can You try playing it without anything else opened? Like browsers, torrents, file copying, music players etc. Run just only the game, i suspect hdd IO limit may cause shuttering
I have nothing opened. Also, I would try eax instead of miles, but it won't let me. Also had that problem using Windows 7(now I am on win 10).


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do u have original game? have u put some extra files (like sounds files), and when this start to happen? (u installed anything, changed any hardware on ur pc)?
The game still isn't cheap...

Right now, the game was just installed and connected to Jff server, downloading allowed, so I have awe installed. Will try compatibility mode and, as I've read, processor affinity because cod doesn't seem to get along with quad cores.
Anyway, I thought that this is a usual problem, since I've changed pretty much everything in my computer since I've started to have it, from 775 to 1155, from gtx650ti boost to 280x, from HDD to SSD and problem still persists. I thought it might be related to win7/win10, but I think everybody by now has one of them...