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Some other way to manage servers? Too many wh , aimbots , etc.?

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I noticed while playing from 1 - 9 Sep on =JFF= hardcore cod4 server that everyday almost 30 hackers get away , we need a faster way to bring admin into the server , solutions are requested in "reply" . Also , i feel we need more admins as most of them come at exactly the opp. time , ( just an advice ) . I recorded some hackers , u may wanna take a look at it , also it was my first time recording so kindly don't expect quality work .. i need to know how to attach the files ... thank you :bye:


First of all:
By far the easiest and fastest way of reporting is to add as many members/admins on xfire, and contact them via that if you see anyone hacking.
With regards to the first part, no comment. Don't expect anything to change.

Oh, and 30 hackers is roughly the average amount we ban in a day.


The Great
30+ hackers everyday,seems like every ''over dying'' player on the server would say. It isn't the truth,taking from someone that spends a lot of time on the servers,I think others who actually play would agree with me.
nah .. i said it coz everyone complains abt hackers :) no rush to go in JFF
how abt we do this , u don't comment on my posts i won't on yours becoz u hate me and always say things that hurt others ...


me ? well if u ask that i dont mind it :D
sorry if u took offense in my comment

P.S the truth always hurt people in our new world :D


Honesly its dumb to report such a thing, we all know the state of the servers, there are over 20 bans every day sometimes even up to 50, there isn't such a thing as a clean server, every single one of em has a hacker or 2 online, there are ppl who played with wh for few years and know how to not get caught, and ofc there is the second class of ppl who are just plain old dumb or just don't care.

We won't responds to every player report since most of them are fake, dumb kids having fun or some1 who thinks an experienced player is hacking....
Only few ppl can be trusted.

//edit: Oh and you can try legit servers too, I play on Netsky oftenly and see aimbots all the time...
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