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Some good songs..... :D


I Love You Guys <3
Man..this new music that artists release is ****! How about the old good-sounding ones . These are my favourite ones ...feel free to drop yours too! I want to know :D

And also some good tunes .....my favourite..hope you will like it too.. :D

P.S I did not notice the music and video tab and put this here....:p
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I wouldnt call music from 10 years ago old :). And that last one is barely a month old :). I think there's lots of good music, you just dont have to judge it from top charts :)
who remembers this? I just went to a wedding this past Saturday in the Midlands here in South Africa. (omg it was such a perfect fairy tale wedding) anyway this is one of the songs we all jammed to
It kinda fits with wedding!? Don't ask me to explain :)

Here is some more classic: