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Server issues (2017.07)


Community Leader
Community Leader
Hello guys,

The cod5 servers & are currently experiencing issues.
I moved them to another host but redirecting all the traffic from the current IP. (proxy)

I have the feeling activision banned our IP in their master server since it seems to be impossible to make any connection from but from another server it is working normal.

So here the facts:
  • InGame addon (level part) does not work, since everyone's ip is
  • CP should work fine
  • Banning does not work, only kicking
  • Sometimes connection stays actives when not connection isnt closed like it needs to. These ghost users needs to get kicked manualy. So when you have a issue with the QPort contact a KR to kick you.

What to do now ?

There are a few options we can do:
  • Check with activision (demonware.net) whats happened with our ip. Though we are cracked and support will be a no go.
  • Wait till it wears of and keep on going like this.
  • Move the cod5 server to our second server (
  • Any other suggestions ??

I would like to ask everyone to help me search a solution for this:

Setting g_gametype: tdm.
Setting map: mp_dome.
------ Server Initialization ------
Server: mp_dome
resetting state..
bdLog[28869]: ../DemonWare/bdNet/bdUPnP/bdUPnP.cpp(334):
WARNING: Cannot shutdown class as it is already uninitialised!
Hostname: vm03.justforfun
Alias: vm03
ERROR: Dedicated server authentication failure.

Error: Unable to initialize punkbuster.  Punkbuster is disabled
Huffman Took 0 Milliseconds
Hitch warning: 5336 msec frame time
I have spend like +12 hours now on searching the issue or even find a solution without moving IP.


Senior Admin
Came across several cases of people with the exact same problem, but no solutions. Could be a problem on Activision's side or a routing problem, firewall or port setting issue, but I guess you checked all that. I presume you didn't change +set dedicated 2 to 1 or anything :p Have you tried a traceroute to see where it goes wrong (i.e. outgoing or incoming)?