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Server #5 status

Discussion in 'Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare : Discussion' started by Tiesto4Life|rus, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Tiesto4Life|rus

    Tiesto4Life|rus Registered

    Hey there! Does anybody know at least one reason why players don't visit this server? For a long time already, must to say. Is it really fun to play a game with 20 vs. 40 players on other servers :) Nobody needs tactical hardcore anymore?
  2. Blade

    Blade Hopeless case Banrighted Donator

    There were times when server had players almost through whole day. This activity time was getting smaller and came to just few hours in evening. Reason is that COD4 population is not getting new players and when oldies leave, there is noone else to fill in. Most of the players find server and stay on it if they like it.
  3. Tiesto4Life|rus

    Tiesto4Life|rus Registered

    We like it, but we have nobody to 'like' with. Or versus. :) This came too harshly and only for that server in some reason. And the other servers still have plenty of ppl on it. If we look on overall servers quantity I would doubt that CoD4 losing its fans. Well, I guess we can do nothing with constant zero players on fifth.

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