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Server #4 Zombie

Discussion in 'Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare : Discussion' started by Nikolic, May 24, 2016.

  1. Uriel

    Uriel \\\ Night Watch /// Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

    Thats 3rd time when that map crash the server (or server crash on that map)
  2. BluFish

    BluFish Ardat-Yakshi Member Warteam Member

    Panchokill crashed at wave #12
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2016
  3. lifeboy

    lifeboy I Will Be Watching You Banrighted Donator

    Any problem in server #4? . server crashing in some map (wave #10 # 12 # 14) Plz solve that :)
  4. Thunder

    Thunder Community Leader Community Leader Donator

    This causes crash i think :
    ----- Server Shutdown -----
    With the reason: Server fatal crashed: Exceeded limit of 1000 'xmodel' assets.
    This program has crashed with signal: Segmentation fault
    The current Gameversion is: CoD4 X 1.7a linux-i386-custom_debug type 'e' build 3360 Feb 20 2016
    File is ./cod4x17a_dedrun Hash is: 0896e15cb83038cf7c148ae5361c54c6ea12c61c2717f39fa7c93d7a62bf7de0
    ---------- Crash Backtrace ----------
       22: .(Sys_DumpCrash+0xe3) [0x20706a8]
       21: .(Sys_SigHandler+0x3c) [0x20707eb]
       20: linux-gate.so.1(__kernel_sigreturn+0) [0xf7735d40]
       19: .(SV_WriteSnapshotToClient+0x580) [0x206c761]
       18: .(SV_SendClientSnapshot+0x43) [0x206cebe]
       17: .(SV_FinalMessage+0xbf) [0x2066a6c]
       16: .(SV_Shutdown+0x79) [0x2066c27]
       15: .(Com_Error+0x2a6) [0x2020721]
       14: .() [0x820430d]
       13: .() [0x82059a7]
       12: .() [0x8206f8e]
       11: .() [0x81f9cc0]
       10: .() [0x81dadc1]
        9: .() [0x820630e]
        8: .() [0x8174d0b]
        7: .(SV_LoadLevel+0x3b) [0x2069711]
        6: .(SV_Map+0x141) [0x2069859]
        5: .() [0x2061b3a]
        4: .(Cmd_ExecuteString+0x354) [0x201db4f]
    Maybe someone knows a solution?
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    SIPKODAR Ban Evasion hunter. Banrighted Warteam Member

    Found somewhere:
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  6. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Hmm, when it crashes it's always at one of the later waves, which would suggest that it maybe has something to do with the number of zombies. However, the xmodel limit concerns the number of unique models, not the total. So, that's strange. If a certain map would have too many xmodels (together with the xmodels from the RotU-R mod itself), I'd expect it to crash right at the start, not at one of the final waves.

    SIPKODAR Ban Evasion hunter. Banrighted Warteam Member

    Well, it is weird. Maybe let's try to decrease number of zombies for like 3-4 days to check whether it crashes or stays stable ?
  8. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    it doesnt like dogs, i noticed many problems happen when dogs are in, hot dogs even more
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  9. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Haha, hotdogs :p

    Perhaps try reducing the number of zombies and increase the difficulty level without increasing the number of zombies per player. There is a script _difficulty.gsc to set a custom difficulty level:

        switch (dif)
            case 5:
                level.dif_zomPP = 12; // Max zombies per player
                level.dif_zomHPMod = 1.8; // Zombies hitpoints modifier
    So, we could reduce the number of zombies and increase their hitpoints.
  10. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    futurama wont load at all, it should be taken out
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  11. PrOvokator

    PrOvokator Slaps you silly

    A bit bored at work, so I was digging a bit regarding this exceeded models, found possibly something. It has a lot of info, so check this link. It seems models isn't just character models, it is everything. According to what they say, you can have 1000 of dogs, it counts as 1 model.


    I will look for some more and will post if I find anything,

    edit: some tip that seems to helped some, I have no clue what prefabs is :D. "
    Another thing you might try is your prefabs. Lots of prefabs have xmodels included in them. I remember reading a forum post of
    someone having the same error problems and fixed it by redoing or removing the xmodels from the prefabs. Just a thought." (taken from http://www.codutility.com/archive/index.php?t-1481.html&s=ace8a3cfcda201b46779ac222e27020b )

    Edit2: picture with all ranks, maybe to put on some info thread regarding the server,

    edit3: "
    Additionally, some maps require the Linux Server 1.7a as it increases the memory limit a bit."
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
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  12. PrOvokator

    PrOvokator Slaps you silly

    I also found a player today, legit cd key, had maximum player level. If the player level is connected to the server and not to the general mod, then something is weird. If it is just connected to the mod, then I guess he achieved it on another server.

    El Don :
  13. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Yeah, that's what I meant with unique models. That's why it's somewhat strange. The server usually doesn't crash until the higher waves. So, somehow the number of unique xmodels is increasing beyond the limit. The only models I can think of are zombies, players and weapons. That is, the number of unique (i.e. different) zombie, player and weapon models. The number of xmodels of a map is not changing during the game, unless there are some extras (areas) to unlock or something. So, probably the xmodels of some maps are just very close to the limit (together with the RotU-R mod) and when there are too many different zombies (e.g. final wave with all types), players (with different characters, i.e. classes) and weapons/turrets/barrels etc. — which you usually have towards the end of the game at higher waves I suppose —, the server will crash. Well, that's my theory :p

    You can't change the xmodels from the RotU-R mod or maps (prefabs). Then you would need to have the source files and recompile your own mod.ff, but the source files are not open source and you can't decompile mod.ff. So, I think the best is just to exclude those maps with a high risk of causing a server crash.

    The server is Linux 1.7a, so that should be fine.
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  14. PrOvokator

    PrOvokator Slaps you silly

    While I was browsing I saw that they were mentioning on the forum their tested map list, so maybe start there? I assume that is already the one we have?

    I guess that prefab was on a subject when someone was making his own map, thought since the mod was old it was opened for messing around with. Is this the official site of sort https://www.survival-and-obliteration.com ? I saw a lot of info on it, also some snowball server :p, I'll dig around some when I will have time . Maybe you could make some educated inquiry on their forum ;)?
  15. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    Yeah, that's the associated forum. I saw the official RotU-R domain is also back online: https://www.rotu-revolution.com

    I found a post with a list of maps that should definitely work, according to them. The map pack that is currently used on the server was provided with the download of the mod, so I presume that they tested all those maps, though I haven't checked if all of them are on the list. They mentioned that they tested all maps they are running on their server, but I don't know which maps those are. :p Besides, they're currently running version 0.8.1-alpha-indev. Let's just get a list of all maps on which the server crashed and then we can ask them on their forum.

    //edit: And to avoid exceeding memory limits (posted by developer):
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
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  16. SeaSerpent13

    SeaSerpent13 Senior Admin Senior Admin

    A prefab is a collection of brushes or xmodels grouped for easier placement or selection in the mapping process. In the mapping process as well spawners are used to spawn models such as zombies and AI. One model is used but that one model generates 1,000s of other characters. Also to note, each piece of a character is a model. (Ex: Arm, Leg, Body, Body Gear, Head, Helmet).
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  17. Vlado

    Vlado Give respect,get respect Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

  18. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

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  19. lifeboy

    lifeboy I Will Be Watching You Banrighted Donator

    Hi All Zombie killers,
    I have suggestion to say sometimes some map boring when one player playing time eg:- 2013/club :mad: so can we add some normal map like backlot and cargoship :3 add that vote system plz
    @ElementX any option ?
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  20. ElementX

    ElementX Braindead Game Admin

    not sure if those maps can be added, i dont see them in the map pack.
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