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Server #4 Zombie


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You can't enter JFF servers with your tag on without having the addon open. The only reason you were able to do so in the zombie server so far is because addon was not workin properly there
Lol Puma :D You've learned how 3/4 zombie games is played. Well, the waves could be decreased a bit, because already ratio zombies-per-player was increased. So we could try to increase difficulty maybe ...
hmmm maybe but the rounds where the lights go out and turrets are jammed are x10 times better than the other levels, same with the hardcore spawning rounds at the end of some of the games. if there was more of these included in the 22 waves it would keep it more fun, at least for me anyways


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(We tried playing with medic and engineers packs, but we didn't have configs for that, we tried changing the time of the pack when a player dies)
Do you mean this?
    level.special["fake_death"]["recharge_time"] = 55;
    level.special["fake_death"]["duration"] = 15;
    level.special["rampage"]["recharge_time"] = 50;
    level.special["rampage"]["duration"] = 15;
    level.special["aura"]["recharge_time"] = 60;
    level.special["aura"]["duration"] = 20;
    level.special["invincible"]["recharge_time"] = 60;
    level.special["invincible"]["duration"] = 20;
    level.special["escape"]["recharge_time"] = 40;
    level.special["escape"]["duration"] = 10;
    level.special["ammo"]["recharge_time"] = 75;
    level.special["augmentation"]["recharge_time"] = 1;
    level.special["medkit"]["recharge_time"] = 60;
    level.special["monkey_bomb"]["recharge_time"] = 65;
    level.special_quickescape_duration = 6;
    level.special_quickescape_intermission = 15;
    level.special_stealthmove_intermission = 10;
Btw, that village map is actually not the first map in the rotation. It starts with that map, because gametype_fix.cfg is executed upon (re)starting the server:
// To ensure that the server starts with the correct gamemode, please modify "mp_surv_village" below with a VALID survival map on your server!
set vstr1 "set g_gametype surv;killserver;map mp_surv_village"

vstr vstr1
Can't think of a way to randomize it at the moment, but if there's an admin online, he can just change the map using the rcon.


@GammaDeltaII Kinda, the main issue is that when a medic or an engineer dies, he has to wait the full 1min/1min 15sec, we'd like to half that, since on boss waves it can be really annoying, and i think it's too big of a punishment honestly... I'm not sure that's possible....

And for the map, u could write up a simple script that will search for the string and replace it with a new random map, just make it run 2 mins after the server was killed/restarted.


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@Bogi, I think it should be possible by modifying the _players.gsc script. I had a quick look. There is a function revive() which, through loadClassAbilities() and several other functions, eventually calls restoreKit() and restoreAmmobox() (from _abilities.gsc) in case of a medic and engineer, respectively. Those functions reset the timer to the recharge_time defined by loadAbilityStats(). So, maybe it can be changed by adding something as follows, right after the line where loadClassAbilities() is called in the revive() function, to overwrite the timer when a player is revived:
self scripts\players\_abilities::loadClassAbilities(self.curClass); // This function reloads the abilities after being revived

// Add the following
if (self.curClass=="medic") // If player is medic
    self thread scripts\players\_abilities::restoreKit(level.special["medkit"]["recharge_time"]/2); // Restore medkit with half the recharge time
if (self.curClass=="engineer") // If player is engineer
    self thread scripts\players\_abilities::restoreAmmobox(level.special["ammo"]["recharge_time"]/2); // Restore ammobox with half recharge time
Not tested, because I obviously cannot revive myself :p

About the random map, running a script to change that string won't do much, since that config file is only executed when (re)starting the server (or is that not what you meant?). I tried some similar things to load a random map after server initialization (modified _server.gsc), but it is not as straightforward as I thought.


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guys, the last zombie wave is out - 9 finale
You mean the last wave after the boss, the EPIC wave is out? Don't like it one bit, that wave was the only properly challenging wave. Soon we will have ponies running around instead of zombies, come on. Yesterday I almost assigned my movement on right mouse and left shooting, so I can smoke with my left, because there was almost no reason to panic. Reduce the number of waves, because 2-2.5 hours for a single map with little/none challenge is boring.


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yea, 21 waves are to much :/ and its quickly getting bored. :confused:

I think one wave of each type of zobies its enough (+1 random), price increase before w-8, boss and last wave THE FINALE

set surv_waves "0;1;2;3;4;5;6;20;8;?;7;9" //<--- 9 waves, 10th the Boss, 11th the Finale and the next map after...

Rotio Zombie per player are ok - i think :cool:

6. Points per round missed (for late game joiners) was upped from 3000 to 4000 per wave
Still missing extra points for late players

(We tried playing with medic and engineers packs, but we didn't have configs for that, we tried changing the time of the pack when a player dies)
Plz dont F*$%^&up the Enginer :p:p:p but try to reduce that timing :( (I dying to much and too often:p)
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I wouldn't agree with Uriel regarding points for late joiners, the points are plenty. Hell, to me it was enough as it was. Waves shouldn't be more than 15.

Also, if it is possible, to install more waves with random spawning, as soon as they come from a certain place it is too easy when there are more players online. I assume you can't put certain waves according to how many players are online? If you can, I would put 2 waves with random spawns, then 1 wave with fixed spawns, repeat. Only challenge is when they spawn all over the place.


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Any chance to put map killhouse on rotu server?
Its great small and hard map



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Erm, right now, server crashed. I don't know if it is related to changes in config, or the mod itself is bugged, or maps are.
Right now crashed: wave 14 (final), map: smurfs