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Server #3 Rotation Suggestions

Discussion in 'Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare : Discussion' started by =TN= Qayed, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. =TN= Qayed

    =TN= Qayed Registered

    now it changed again !!!!!!!!! what is going on???
  2. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    @=TN= Qayed Calm down dude. We only swapped the game types for Vacant and Pipeline, because sabotage on Vacant wasn't working out.
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  3. =TN= Qayed

    =TN= Qayed Registered

    I would like to apologize for my bad comments, I really didn't mean that. However, I also want to thank everyone here from top admins to other admins whom really doing a great job to make us happy i have been playing cod4 since 2012, i played on many servers, honestly i didn't enjoy any of them as much as your servers especially server #3. Keep doing the good work.
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  4. Uriel

    Uriel \\\ Night Watch /// Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator


    - NO sabotage on STRIKE map (when you plant B-side its immposible to defiuse bomb - defended players spawnings are to farr from it)
    - NO headquaters on BROADCAST map (team defending the HQ have spawn just right to the next HQ positions) - very big advantage :/
    - NO sabotage on CRASH (Immposibe to defuse the bomb after plant)
    - SD on Chinatown its booring :p (but its good - I just dont like this map - to dark for me)
  5. =TN= Qayed

    =TN= Qayed Registered

    Is it time to change rotation ?
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  6. BR3

    BR3 Kickrighted Kickrighted

    Dom Chinatown
    SD Ambush
    War Countdown
    HQ Bog
    Sab Crossfire
    Dom Pipeline
    SD Broadcast
    War Showdown
    HQ Backlot
    Sab Downpour
    Dom District
    SD Strike
    War Bloc
    HQ Crash
    Sab Overgrown
  7. valenty

    valenty Registered


    WINTER Crash SnD

    Overgrown Sab

    Showdown War
    District HQ
    Broadcast SnD

    Backlot Sab
    Bog War
    Chinatown HQ

    Downpour SnD
    Crossfire Sab (I dont prefer it but server is full because of it :)
    Countdown War
    Ambush HQ

    Ps. Dont let Qayed make any more rotations :p
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  8. Vlado

    Vlado Give respect,get respect Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

    Yep mate,believe we will change soon

    Share guys your suggestions please
  9. Tomorrowland

    Tomorrowland Registered Donator

    Here is my rot Guaranteed 40 Players +10 in Queue!!!

    SD Crash
    War Bog
    Sab Crossfire

    Dom Countdown
    SD Strike
    HQ Pipeline
    Sab Overgrown
    War Backlot
    SD Broadcast
    Sab Downpour
    HQ District
    War Bloc
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  10. =TN= Qayed

    =TN= Qayed Registered

    Plz guys no more than one HQ

    I will tell you why:
    1- when u die u have to wait 10 seconds to respawn.
    2- when your team capture if you die u have to wait until the enemy defuse or wait 30 seconds to finish capturing.
    3- if u are playing with noob team against pro team (it happens a lot on hq) you got that feeling that you want to destroy your PC -_-.
    4-when i play hq i note that most of the players hate hq.

    Finally, considering the server is mix i am assuming that one hq is enough doesn't matter what map we gonna play hq on it.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2016
  11. BR3

    BR3 Kickrighted Kickrighted

    I agree with you and decided to edit my suggestion. I also removed some other maps and changed game types. Plus added Winter_Crash as tradition. Here is my edited new rot suggestion:

    Dom Chinatown
    War Countdown
    SD Broadcast
    Sab Crossfire
    Dom Pipeline
    War Wet_Work
    HQ Backlot
    SD Winter_Crash
    Sab Ambush
    Dom District
    War Bloc
    SD Strike
    Sab Overgrown
  12. SGT__SMART

    SGT__SMART Registered

    it is an awesome rotation , but dont add hq to this rotation keep it like that and it will be awesome
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  13. =TN= Qayed

    =TN= Qayed Registered

    I agree with your rotation
  14. Vlado

    Vlado Give respect,get respect Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

    New suggest :

    mp_broadcast sd
    mp_convoy war
    mp_crash sab
    mp_vacant sd
    mp_backlot dom
    mp_strike koth
    mp_crash sd
    mp_strike war
    mp_crossfire sab
    mp_broadcast sd
    mp_bloc dom
    mp_citystreets koth
    mp_crossfire sd
    mp_overgrown war
    mp_broadcast sab
    mp_citystreets sd
    mp_crashwinter dom
    mp_vacant koth
    mp_crash war
    mp_backlot sab
    mp_vacant sd
    mp_crossfire dom
  15. GammaDeltaII

    GammaDeltaII RiddleBox Senior Admin

    That's a bit overkill @Vlado. Looks like you want all maps with every game type in there :p
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  16. Vlado

    Vlado Give respect,get respect Kickrighted Warteam Member Donator

    Lets keep full jjf3 all day :)
  17. Ganja Hero!

    Ganja Hero! Registered Donator

    Great rotation guys, I really appreciate the hard work being put into it. Just one small remark; I personally dislike the map Wet Work, and especially with TDM since it's just a nade and GL fest. I noticed that the amount of people usually drops after Wet Work starts, so maybe it would be an idea to take it out, or at the very least change the game type into something more challenging.. ? :)
  18. I-ROCK

    I-ROCK Registered

    we need new 1 plz..now Christmas ended
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  19. the MINION

    the MINION Im not a MINION, im a yellow Tic Tac Banrighted Warteam Member

    Christmas never ends <3<3<3

    But i can accept, we would create a new one :p
  20. I-ROCK

    I-ROCK Registered

    wat about this 1

    gametype sab map mp_crossfire
    gametype koth map mp_vacant
    gametype sd map mp_crash
    gametype war map mp_showdown
    gametype sab map mp_strike
    gametype sd map mp_carentan
    gametype koth map mp_pipeline
    gametype dom map mp_backlot
    gametype war map mp_broadcast
    gametype dom map mp_overgrown
    gametype sab map mp_convoy
    gametype war map mp_creek
    gametype dom map mp_citystreets
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