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Server 2 Hardcore Server- Map/Game mode rotation

Considering the rather long period of time that the same map rotation has been in force on server 2, is there any chance it could be mixed up again.?




WaW Section
Game Admin
Yes of course. Do you have a map rotation suggestion? If you want to create one rotation,then watch the the current map rotation and game modes.

gametype tdm map mp_dome
gametype dom map mp_makin
gametype koth map mp_seelow
gametype sd map mp_courtyard
gametype twar map mp_roundhouse
gametype ctf map mp_stalingrad
gametype sab map mp_makin_day
gametype tdm map mp_vodka
gametype koth map mp_asylum
gametype dom map mp_suburban
gametype koth map mp_castle
gametype ctf map mp_drum
gametype sab map mp_outskirts
gametype koth map mp_kwai
gametype tdm map mp_downfall
gametype dom map mp_ hangar
gametype twar map mp_shrine
gametype tdm map mp_airfield
gametype ctf map mp_nachtfeuer
gametype koth map mp_kneedeep
gametype tdm map mp_docks
gametype twar map mp_bgate
gametype dom map mp_subway
TDM = Team Death Match
DOM = Domination
CTF = Capture The Flag
KOTH = Headquarters
TWAR = War
SD = Search And Destroy
SAB = Sabotage


WaW Section
Game Admin
If there's some problem, just say me. I can change rotation with FTP, just need a map sequence and game modes, because I don't play on the mix server.


Game Admin
thx for the words of confidence @REM ! But busting things is how you figure stuff out, I haven't made a rotation that I did not had to fix. And I can now also do the ftp edits, so I will mix something up for the hc server. I have to learn this eventually