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Server #1 Rotation Suggestions


Senior Admin
If there are no other suggestions, we'll just stick with your proposed rotation. I think domination on Crossfire is not a good idea though :)


Maby it is time for a "new" rotation so we can get more players back on server 1
so this is me and @upsen's suggestion:

gametype koth map mp_strike
gametype war map mp_convoy
gametype sab map mp_carentan
gametype sd map mp_backlot
gametype dom map mp_creek
gametype war map mp_bog
gametype sd map mp_crash
gametype sab map mp_crossfire
gametype dom map downpour
gametype war map mp_pipeline
gametype sd map mp_showdown
gametype sab map overgrown
gametype koth map mp_broadcast
gametype sd map mp_vacant
gametype dom map mp_countdown

the rotation we have now does not work, often there is only 6-8 players on it so we have to do something.