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Winter has come.
wow nice score! XD a bit of luck sometimes helps too :p never done so well in S&D, the best k/d rating I reached was in strike (tdm) , 55 - 5 - 5 XD you can check in my xfire screens :p


1st round of S&D - http://www.xfire.com/profile/mynickisthebest/screenshots/?view#120499757 (it was only me alive vs 11 enemies - killed em all lol)
And one of last games, SAB, 62-4 - http://www.xfire.com/profile/mynickisthebest/screenshots/?view#120369112

And more on my profile like 30-1 - http://www.xfire.com/profile/mynickisthebest/screenshots/?view#119739533

Who's winning? :p
lol didnt needled get like a 70 something streak? or something :p my best is like 60 and 5 or something ambush forget gametype also nice scored strike anubis and th3rock ^^


The Great
this was just something daily,and 153-24 pipeline sabo i my best score i can remember atm,also nice scores guyz....but my best and favourite was,it wasnt about the score but about the play,it was 7 on me SD on Strike,they just planted..so in 45 sec i killed them all and defused in last sec,james bond style....that is my fav game ever and i will remember it for a long time,only regret it wasnt for the win,only for 9-8 :O


I had like 25-2/3 on round of hq on hc server like 2 years ago, games lasted for a 1 min.....
Only score i remember
I had 34-2 once on S&D crossfire , does that count as better? I dont think so hmm? T_T .

Ps: 80-12 and 60-8 once on sabo and tdm. Also 144-40 on sabo crossfire :p


I don't want to brag but today I humiliated =[SS]= Reflex on SnD Bloc. We were 1 on 1 and I managed to kill him every round, with ninja shotgun. Add in 2 more defusals :3