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Score limit in Headquarters server#3 COD4


Hi guys, may i have a suggestion about score limit in HQ. Now it is set on 500 points, but this score is unavailable even if one team is raping another whole time. Because of time limit one team cannot catch up another while the diffrence in scores is higher then 150/200 points. So in my opinion limit of 300/400 will be perfectly enough for this type of game. Often people who do not see chance to win map, are leaving server earlier because game has no sense when they are 100% lost. Just my observation ;)


Hopeless case
Game Admin
Yes, 500 probably is too much but #3 admins will know better. 200 points in not really that hard to catch. One taken hq can turn whole match in other direction. As you probably know, hq appears every time close to the spawn of team that held the last one. So if the team that is loosing 0-200 takes over one hq, they will get this advantage and it will be easier for them to get hq and defend it. I have seen it happen quite a few times when 1 or 2 better than average players join loosing team, that in the end team that was losing actually wins.


I agree with u but i am not talking about limit of 200, but 300 or even more. Problem is real when teams have score of 320-100 or similar. Game is ended right here but map still has few more minutes of sensless killing eachother :D


Few days ago i won vacant with score 485 - 0 or close to that, and we were truly raping opposite team and caping HQ as fast as possible but still time has ended before we gain 500 points