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Rules & Story Minecraft


Community Leader
Community Leader
Welcome to the far far away lands of Thunderbug and MicksVonD. Your king and queen will serve you as best as possible in these ruined lands. The lands were once a blooming kingdom but a big nuclear explosion by a mad scientist called “SIPKODAR” (better watch out for him).

We waited for more than thousand years to let nature recover.

The time has come to build our once flourishing kingdom from the ground up. We need builders, fighters, scientists (no mad ones please) who are gonna help us with this huge task!

But there are a couple of laws and rules you need to know before joining our kingdom.

  • You shall not cheat or do other things that will give you advantages from other players unless it's provided by the mod pack itself. (Minimap for example)

  • You shall not fight each other until the borders of the kingdom are set and you test each other in the forests far away.

  • You shall not steal or grief, respect your fellow players who are actually helping to rebuild the kingdom.

  • You shall not let explode things like our mad scientist once did. If you want to build a nuclear reactor you shall keep care of it and not let it explode. (Will end up in a banishment from the kingdom)

  • You shall not swear or insult, this is not how your mom taught you!

  • You shall not ask for ops or other admin rights, there's only 1 queen.

  • You shall not use lasers (ic2) close other people's homes!

  • You shall not destroy villages or kill villagers!

  • You shall use common sense. If there are rules which aren't complete or you find loopholes, let an admin know and who shall fix the issue.

And the most important rule, have fun on our server.

At the moment we have those mods installed on our server:

EnderStorage, IndustrialCraft 2, Inventory Tweaks, Just Enough Items, Merkanism, Pam’s HarvestCraft, Storage Drawers, Tinker Construct (various types), Xaero’s Minimap.

JustForFun is a community that exists from 2009, we play a lot of games mainly shooter based. Our Minecraft server is beeing a bit different and is mainly a calm spot for our players who are a bit tired of playing shooter games. We used to have Minecraft servers in the past but due to the updates of Minecraft we lost track of them. We care about our players and will let them enjoy their time at our servers as much as possible.

Current hardware we use to host our MC server :

CPU: i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz

Memory: 16GB Ram DDR3

Hard Drives: 2X3TB

The server is located in germany.

We can always upgrade the hard drives to SSD's in case it's getting too slow.



Game Admin
Game Admin
Warteam Member
Someone went to the edge of the world by using a minecart, it took over 17 days
Edit: the minecraft world used to be bigger but they patched it a couple years ago
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