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Rotations and Game modes - Server #1/#2


Hey everyone,

first off: I'm still alive! To be honest I'm so old by now that most of you likely never even got to know me before. But for those oldies who do, good to see you are still here and keeping up the good work. This is one of the last CoD4 communities that is still up and running. I highly appreciate that and want to take the time to express my respect.

I got some free time on my hands recently and started playing on your public servers again (the pro community is dead and I forgot my CG password anyway. Also promodlive servers are empty and shitty .wars is almost empty all the time... so I ended up here). I've always enjoyed playing on your servers.
Now I've noticed that even your servers are empty at certain times. One of the reasons is, obviously, that people stop playing the game. But also, from what I can tell by playing there, due to the "kind of boring" rotation and game modes. From here I want to get to my proposition.
I see most players, be good or average, getting annoyed by many maps and game modes, leaving the server. That leaves behind averagely 6 players, which then leave be cause it is boring with so few players. The time in which the servers will always be full, no matter what map/mode is over unfortunately.
I feel like the servers would be in a more active condition by changing the map pool.

With changing I mean putting more maps into the rotation that are widely accepted and liked by willingly active players. Let me get into detail:

Maps like Backlot and Crash are "wasted" on SD all the time, which is honestly the most boring mode for a public vanilla server ever. It only triggers people and makes them leave faster. Promodlive maps are still the best choice IF you want to put SD into the rotation (most balanced ones). So get rid of nonpromod maps for SD (i.g. Showdown) and reduce SD maps. Also I would kindly suggest to repeat "liked" maps such as Crash in the rotation and give them better modes. TDM or Sabotage are insanely fun on Backlot or Crash.

Down to the point of this entire, long-ass thread.
Get rid of maps like Downpour, Showdown, Bloc (saw the most people constantly leave on those) and add maps like Crash, Backlot, City, Crossfire, Strike, Broadcast, Bog, Ambush (...you get the point) multiple times but with different game modes. Also don't waste the extremely popular maps on SD only. Players will stay for longer and make the server more lively. I guarantee it.

In the end, I respect the decision the of the admins and appreciate the effort they constantly put into this. Hybrid agreed to my points before and urged me to adress it here in the forums. So I did!
If you need any further explanation or want to ask me anything, feel free to.

Thanks and take care


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Very well said. I will add that alot of the high tier server 2 players dont like winter crash. Get rid of it at least for this server please. Crash and backlot are great tdm and dom maps aswell.


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Having Crash SD AND Crash DOM/TDM would be so CA$H ( one at the start of the rotation, one at the end of rotation ). I haven't dm'd in this map for SOOOOO LONG.

And I also agree on the map removal. Like cmon bruh... Just watch what happens when : chinatown / bloc / countdown / downpour / showdown goes on.

  • Chinatown - people leave. if its on SD server goes empty like there is a plague.
  • Bloc - if server is crowded enough its fine, but if server is half empty like 10 ppl, everyone starts leaving.
  • Countdown - triggering map. haven't seen anyone excited in chat when they !sn and see its next.
  • Downpour - even with configs visibility on this map is trash, everyone hates it for MG camp and nade spam. If you have low end PC it absolutely mauls FPS (which from what ive read here on forums, some have).
  • Showdown - Late at nights this map is fine, since there are not a lot of people, but when there is like 20 ppl on this map its unplayable.

Having multiple instances of Crash/Crossfire/Backlot/Ambush would be amazing. Just look at the 24/7 one map servers. Most popular ones usually are the ones with crossfire/crash. PEOPLE FREAKING LOVE CROSSFIRE in vanilla.

Also I agree on limiting SD to pr0mod maps and limiting the use of SD in pub servers in general. While nice every once in a while, personally, when I go in public It's for 2 reasons :
  • I want to get warmed up for scrims later on, so I need fast paced action to get my hands warm and my aim steady.
  • I want to kill shxt and go crazy.


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I agree that having most popular maps few times in rota would be great but what will we do next time when we have to change it again. Its not that simple to make good rotations one after another. It has to be different than previous, entertaining for players with different tastes and game modes have to be adjusted according to maps. Also rotations on #1 and #2 should have differences because players usually switch this two servers when they dont like whats currently up on one of them. Sometimes we get forced to include maps that are not popular because there is nothing else to do for change.

Please, suggest your rotations here
http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/threads/server-1-rotation-suggestions.20281/page-2 -#1
http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/threads/server-2-rotation-suggestions.20004/page-3 -#2

When posting suggestions, try to keep winter crash in, its only for a month