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Reporting rule breakers/cheaters! READ ME!

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Seems like some ppl really have no brains or they can't read, here is little hint for you...

When reporting cheaters, admins need to know 3 things.

1.Name of Rule Breaker/Cheater?

2.What rule/cheat?(aimbot, wallhack...etc.)



Nothing more nothing less! -O-

All the bans can be seen here in the Wall of Shame for codUO, cod2, cod4 and cod5. You must be logged in to see it and you need to set results per page to a certain number to see the list of banned ips/players and all the reporters. If your ban request is approved > this is where you upload the proof you made.

Thanx to Dante for previous post bout same subject, but, it seems that you weren't clear enough.
Not open for further replies.